On our platform, Ready for Nikah, we have considered the fact that some brothers/sisters with the HIV trial need soul mates to complete half their Islam, which is why we have created this section of the platform for that purpose as feesebilillah.  Login or Register now and get connected with a match.

Your HIV status is not, and shall never be, a limitation, in shaa Allah. While we accommodate all races, tribes and colour as long as they are Muslims who give priority to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (SAW), we have strict guidelines and Rules inline with the sunnah. You secret is kept secret with us. You can count on us in terms of confidentiality.

Join our POSITIVE+ Telegram Chat Group after registration where you will interact with other members who are HIV+, and hookup with a match, make nikah and live happily; in shaa Allah.  Login to see how to join the Telegram Chat Group free of charge.

Ready For Nikah for HIV+

Ready for Nikah”, the No. 1 Islamic matrimonial website solely for the purpose of Muslims to find a partner and making nikah (getting married) as soon as ever possible with NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION CHARGES!


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  • Be ready for it
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  • Find a match
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  • Hook up and make nikah!

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