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Questioner for Polygamy

In a recent survey on why sisters dread to go in for polygamy, we discovered that 90% of sisters who went into polygamy were pained and subsequently divorced, and are in regret about it. This is because polygamy has been abused by some brothers who have either little/no knowledge about Islam or have no fear of Allah even if they claim to be “Sunnah brothers”. They ended up making the sisters suffer in marriage. Therefore, in an attempt to ensure the safety of our sisters and the image of our platform, we have implemented this interview questions to determine if you are fit to take and manage more than one wife, and not to abuse polygamy. The result of your attempt to these questions will determine if we will recommend a sister to proceed with you for marriage in polygamy or not. FEAR ALLAH in your responses to these questions. There will be legal consequences if you provide false information and marry a sister on that basis.


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1. What is your Full name?

2. What is your occupation?


3. What is your average monthly income (whether business or employed)?


4. How many wives do you have currently?


5. How many kids do you have currently?


6. Are you currently living in a rented apartment or in your own house?


7. Where do you intend to keep the next wife?


8. What size of house do you have or live in?


9. Do you attend Islamic lectures for beneficial knowledge, regularly?


10. Is/Are your other wife/wives accommodating to a new wife?


11. How do your other wife/wives see and take polygamy?


12. If you are to marry a divorcee/widow who have kid(s), will you take responsibility of the kid(s) as one of your own?


13. It is a prerequisite requirement that you must have a reserved amount of N80,000 ($225) for your next wife to invest in a profitable halal business to keep her going in case of the unknown tomorrow. She cannot be left idle. Even if she is a working class sister, the said amount will still be required for her. You will be required to hand over the said amount to us (Ready For Nikah), and we will then hand it over to the sister for her safe keep and investment. This is to ensure that we, on our part, have done what is needful. Are you capable to make this amount available prior to the nikah date?


14. If your answer is Positive above, do you promise, by Allah, that you will deposit the said amount above before the nikah?


15. In truth, we shall use your responses to determine recommendation for a sister to go ahead with you or not. If the information you have provided happens to be false, and we recommend a sister to go ahead with you for marriage and later find out that you had provided false information that may have led to a heartbreak on the sister, we shall carry out a legal suit against you with charges. Do you accept this in good faith that we, Ready for Nikah, shall carry out legal charges against you should we have any reason to believe that you have/had provided false information on this questioner?

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